Jeffrey Hirst 
Jeffrey Hirst 
Mixed-Media Approaches
Towards Printmaking

Express your visual voice through printmaking in Central Mexico in the city of Guanajuato.

Date:  April 12 -17 2023
Location:  Guanajuato, Mexico.
Workshop Venue: Estudio de Hugo Anaya/Alma del Sol Bed & Breakfast

More about Jeffrey Hirst:  https://www.jeffreyhirst.com
In this printmaking workshop, artists will explore carborundum printmaking. Carborundum is a silicon carbide grit that is used to create rich tonal plates and prints. 
Carborundum prints are known for their textural and painterly surfaces, intense color and a strong physicality.

We will use various materials as print substrates including acrylic plates and cardboard.
The class will involve printing multiple plates that add to complex layers of visual information. Along with carborundum printing, the class will also use drypoint, viscosity printing and monoprinting to add to the complexity of imagery.
All images will be printed using Akua intaglio and liquid pigment inks. Artists will be exposed to transparent and opaque color relationships that add to richness to images. The class will cover multiple registration systems that make printing easy and accurate.
While much technical information is covered in the class, the overall emphasis is using the processes to reflect each artist's personal vision. 
Workshop participants will create, build, and re-build printing surfaces and imagery to explore personal direction while at the same time stretching individual boundaries. 
We will use sketchbooks to help develop and work out quick studies. We will also use prompts that explore mark-making. 
Jeff will provide other visual resources such as PowerPoint presentations and videos to create a rich learning experience.
Mixed-Media Approaches Toward Printmaking is open to artists with no printmaking experience to advanced printmakers. 
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